List of Committees & Contacts

Volunteers join committees of the Association of Independent Living Groups (AILG) to collectively improve our community. Find a committee working on topics that match your expertise and interests, and get involved!

AILG Committees and Contacts 2019-20

AILG Board - Akil Middleton, Chair:

Peer Visit Program Committee - Roy Russell and Eric Cigan, Co-Chairs: and

Community Relations Committee - Jim Latimer, Chair:

Education and Outreach Committee - Cody Chamberlain, Chair:

Facilities Committee - Larry Stabile, Chair:

Finance and Insurance Committee - Stan Wulf, Chair:

Information Technology Committee - Bob Ferrara and Bob Xavier, Co-Chairs: and

2019-2020 Ad-Hoc Committees

FSILG Facilities Renewal Committee - Pam Gannon, Chair:

Previous Committees

Accreditation Committee - Herman Marshall, Chair:, John Covert, Coordinator: The Accreditation program was re-envisioned and transformed into the Peer Visit Program.

Insurance Committee - Stan Wulf, Chair: The Insurance Committee was merged with the Finance Committee.

Previous Ad-hoc Committees

Locals Committee - Eric Cigan, Co-chair:, Alice Leung, Co-chair:

Parent Outreach Committee - Pam Gannon, Chair:

Recruitment Study - Akil Middleton, Co-chair:, Jack Gordon, Co-chair:

West Campus Village - Stephen DeFalco, Chair: