West Campus Village Archive

West Campus Village Archive

The following are documents which relate to the creation of an “FSILG Village” on or near the MIT campus, where FSILGs might opt to move from their current location.

Presentation at AILG Plenary on FSILG Village – Sept 16, 2015

Here are documents that were shared with West Campus Planning Team (Jim May, Melissa Shakro, and Dennis Swinford) at a meeting on September 1, 2015:

  1. FSILG Village Task Force Draft Recommendation-8-31
  2. FSILG Village Task Force organization
  3. FSILG Village Task Force – Facility Design 2015-08

Below are some earlier and archival documents:

A. Some thoughts from Steve DeFalco on key “FSILG Village” questions

B. To get the conversation started, an April 23, 2014 gathering was convened to get the key issues on the table. Here are some documents from that meeting:

  1. Agenda for April 23 FSILG Discussion
  2. An Assessment of FSILGs
  3. MIT Fraternity Thoughts
  4. FSILG Strategic Plan summary

C. Here is a 2009 Residential_Life_map showing the location of the FSILGs.

D. Here is a 2009 Chapter Assessment of the FSILGs, formerly used by the FSILG Office used to share knowledge.

E. Here are documents produced in 2006 Study conducted by architect Julia Nugent at the request of Steve Immerman:

1. FSILG Relocation Presentation – October 25, 2006

2. FSILG Relocation scope proposal – April 19, 2006

3. FSILG Relocation 2006 survey and scenarios

F. Finally, here are two documents relative to Amherst Alley Beautification initiative back in 2008-09. This was a student-and-alumni-driven initiative It led to much improved trash collection and some design efforts by students, though the design goals were never realized.

  1. Amherst Alley booklet-2009
  2. Amherst Alley Presentation Slides